Spring Time – Challenge CFD Performance Review

The initial quarter of the year has been marked by significant activity. Despite the Challenge CFD account more than doubling in value, the outcome has fallen short of expectations. This is primarily attributed to a substantial drawdown, stemming from lapses in diligence, in other words laziness 😆.

Quantitative easing is on the cards in the months ahead , Precious metals and USD index have been reliable winners for our portfolio this time.

Its like shooting fish in a barel however as we lost concentration we shot our ‘feet’ as well as the fish 😂 , lets hope for better results next quarter 🍾 cause we have to hit that measly $100000 target within a year or so hopefully.

A Visit To The City

Yesterday, amidst our engagements in the heart of London and as the evening gracefully rolled on I had the pleasure of capturing some lovely photographs of remnants from Britain’s storied past.

St Paul’s Cathedral

These enduring vestiges spoke volumes of a rich strong heritage one regrettably overshadowed by the challenges of modern London . In the spirit of fostering an appreciation for this bold and art, we are delighted to share them here.

The Railway Pub – Victoria Station
Fleet Street London

Gold Leaf Sandwiches

gold leaf sandwitch

We visited the poor today 😂, to our surprise they were eating sandwiches wrapped in gold apparently in the mistaken belief that they will become worthier 🤡 Because nothing says ‘high-class dining’ like having to check your teeth for gold flakes after a sandwich.

While on the subject of high class, as an aside, I would not be surprised if each sandwitch comes with a free degree …. maybe from Cambridge or Oxford ? I heard of a company (now nearly bankrupt) selling ready made meals wanting entry level management staff with degrees from these two superb Universities, soon the requirement will reach the cleaning staff ranks 🤣

Our Name – Osetra Caviar and Our Directors

Osetra Caviar

You may be wondering why Osetra.vip , Where did we get the inspiration for the web name of our Dimonti LLP blog.

Well, we will tell all here with just one humble picture , it so happens to be from Fortnum & Mason a shop in London UK , ok lets make it two pictures and add Petrossian and their Special Reserve Ossetra, personally I find Osetra better than Sevruga , enjoy 😀

Finally, Caviar having opened our apetite and in the interests of eclectic taste lets look at this lovely Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe of 1925

Lastly Our Dimonti LLP Directors , Martine De Castro Leon and Spyridon (Spiro) De Castro Leon

martine and spiro de castro leon

The Challenge 2024

Artificial Intelligence Face To Face

The challenge : an audacious quest to transform a mere$100 to $100000 🏆using CFDs bridging the chasm between humble beginnings and monumental success 😅, defying the conventional narrative that dictates growth must be born from abundance, not scarcity.

Proving that fortunes can be crafted from thin air, devoid of substantial capital …then on to challenge 2 … we will see

Ofcourse I am not a newbie in this, $100000 is not that much in finance but its a start, have you never wondered ‘what if I only had £100 could I make it to $100000?’ I aim to prove it can be done and Dimonti LLP would be the one

I wanted to do this for years , finally I decided to go ahead. Dont know about you but I find it great fun. an opulent tapestry 😀 woven with the threads of challenge and resilience

Watch this space for updates on the unfolding saga, there will be one for each of the 2 remaining zeros 🏁

In the meantime some music that helps me make money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFRdoYfZYUY

Here is an inspirational image for the tough way ahead …