Our Name – Osetra Caviar and Our Directors

You may be wondering why Osetra.vip , Where did we get the inspiration for the web name of our Dimonti LLP blog.

Well, we will tell all here with just one humble picture , it so happens to be from Fortnum & Mason a shop in London UK , ok lets make it two pictures and add Petrossian and their Special Reserve Ossetra, personally I find Osetra better than Sevruga , enjoy 😀

Finally, Caviar having opened our apetite and in the interests of eclectic taste lets look at this lovely Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe of 1925

Lastly Our Dimonti LLP Directors , Martine De Castro Leon and Spyridon (Spiro) De Castro Leon

martine and spiro de castro leon